Game Programming Student

My name is Jonathan and I am currently working as a software developer at Divine Robot developing a VR Hunting Simulator using Unreal Engine 4. 

I have also studied at The Game Assembly and during my time there, I have been part of several great projects making all kinds of games. The best part about all these projects has been working as a team towards a common goal and watching it all come together. 

Below I have listed a few of these projects as well as my specialization.

Divine Robot work

During my time working at Divine Robot, I have contributed to multiple projects developing scenarios for GAIM Hunting and Sport Shooting Simulator. Gaim is a VR application made in Unreal Engine. The different projects have all had different focus points. Within these projects, I have done everything from AI to UI/UX to gameplay flow. Below are some videos of what projects I have contributed on

The Game Assembly projects

Specialization: Neural Network


SPITE: Egar's Rage

A Bark In The Dark

Inner Peace

Alva's Lament

Faewalkers – A Story of Two Sisters 

Get That Copter