ERA is a 3rd person shooter inspired by Max Payne. It is our second game made in our inhouse engine, The Dog Engine. The game is written in C++.

My main focus this project were to improve and maintain the pipeline between our own C++ engine Dog Engine and Unreal Engine 4.


Since a 3d shooter detailed colliders, we needed to upgrade the colliders in our engine. Which included exporting convex colliders from Unreal to save our graphics people time.

Due to this much of my time was spent researching how to fetch these convex colliders Unreal generates automatically. When the convex collider data could be fetched from Unreal using that data was easier than expected. Due to both engines using the PhysX physics library the raw data could be sent in and an identical collider was constructed in Dog Engine.

I also made general improvements to the importing of colliders such as the position and rotation of multiple collider shapes attached to the same collider object.

General improvements

Worked on increasing workflow, creating new features and tools for level designers to use in the export pipeline.

Examples of this were using actor tags in Unreal to determine if objects should be excluded from rendering, using triangle meshes or if an object should be movable.